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Digital marketing is the new buzzword in website management.  Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing are the two pillars of digital marketing.  Often considered as one and the same, they are two distinct but great techniques that have redefined the internet marketing field.  In Social Media Marketing the social networking sites are used as the marketing tool.

Social Media Marketing is the active sharing and publication across social media of advertisements, blogs, images and videos about your products and services.  Often referred to as viral marketing, Social Media marketing is the creation of engaging content that is often bookmarked, sharing and spreading viral video on You Tube etc.  Social Media Marketing is not directly concerned optimization of your website, but takes place elsewhere (social media), with leads pointing to your website.

Social Media Marketing has higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing and most B2B marketers use some form of social media. Further, SMM helps businesses to ‘connect’ with customers.  A company that engages with customers through social media; addresses their queries and concerns are not just scripting replies but scripting their success stories as well.  Such an interaction with customer is known as Social CRM.

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