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Email marketing is perhaps the most cost effective marketing strategy.  But the question is how to make it work?  In terms of wide and instant reach, email marketing is unparalleled.  However, a business cannot resort to email marketing just because it is cheap and convenient.  The ultimate utility lies in its success as a marketing effort.  Any email communication that helps build customer loyalty, expand customer base or build trust among customers is considered to be email marketing.  Email marketing has a far wider reach and can be directed towards the target segment, unlike print and other media.  Email marketing can have a personal touch which helps promote trust and loyalty.  The emails can be personalized in terms of customer preferences, previous interactions or can be personal greetings on the occasion of birthdays anniversaries etc., Email campaigns that have a ‘promo code’ or offering additional discounts have proved to be successful marketing strategies in the past.

Email marketing helps customer retention, customer acquisition and easy monitoring of the effectiveness of the campaign.  Email marketing enables businesses to get real time feedback.  Email marketing comprises of direct emails and transactional emails.  Direct emails are promotional emails informing customers about a product or service.  Transactional emails are a result of a previous transaction and may vary from confirmation emails, order status, shopping cart information, password reset etc.,

Email marketing is cheaper and faster and the Return on Investment (ROI) can be easily tracked. The services of Email marketing specialists such as Zerodot consultancy can be utilized for sending large volumes of email and for tracking and analyzing user behavior.  Opt-in email system enables companies to know the exact number of customers, who are interested in receiving our emails and enables to direct marketing efforts towards them.  Opt-in email system also ensures that we are not accused of ‘spamming’.

Zerodot consultancy specializes in services such as Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Email marketing among others. Out social media team is highly competent and has helped many companies evolve appropriate digital marketing strategies towards better customer acquisition.

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